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Get personalized activity suggestions, easily review and book within minutes.

How does Concio help?

  • Personalized for you

    Restaurants, museums, concerts, other events or experiences based on your taste.

  • Plan in minutes

    Reduce hours of travel planning into just minutes… And avoid all that stress

  • Book with ease

    Easily review, select and confirm bookings only with few taps or clicks

Why choose Concio?

  • Save up to 30 hours or more

    The average person spends 10-30+ hours of travel planning. Leave the hassle to us and you just enjoy your trip!

  • Skip the planning challenges

    Do I need to buy a ticket for that museum? Is there any table available in that restaurant? We handle that for you.

  • Avoid the noise of review sites

    Stop wasting time with fake reviews or anonymous people on the internet; we put together your suggestions uniquely based on your taste.

Our team

We're a distributed team of expats working across the globe to make travel personalized and interesting.

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